Kineo Beta

Beta Update #1.

Hello everyone! Now that the beta has had a few days to spread, I figured it was time to send out an e-mail introducing myself.


First things first: If you weren’t expecting this e-mail and don’t want to receive it, click here to unsubscribe and you’ll never see another one of these again. I promise.

Now that that’s out of the way: hello! My name’s Geoff, and I’m the developer of Kineo. Thank you so much for joining this beta. I’m really hoping to make the best new version of this app that I can, and getting people to help run it through its paces before release is going to make it a lot better than I could do on my own.

If you find any bugs, crashes, confusing behavior, etc. with Kineo, or just have a feature idea you’d like to see implemented, the easiest way to contact me is just to respond to this e-mail (or e-mail me directly at I don’t have any other beta-centric systems such as Slack, etc., set up. If you’d like to see something like that, I’m totally open to suggestions.


The main thing I want to accomplish before releasing the new version of Kineo is some sort of onboarding or tutorial to introduce people new to the app to its features. To that end, I’m most interested in things that any of you find confusing in the app. If you have suggestions for things that could be made clearer, please reach out!

Other goals for release can be found in the Kineo issues list, where the other bugs and features on track for release can be seen.

Latest Update

The latest beta version, available now on TestFlight, includes the following changes and fixes:

- Fixes a crash that occurs when you save your animation as a video directly to your photo library (reported by beta user Zach Fleeman).
- Fixed the animation jank that appeared when you switched pages or created a new page.
- Fixed an issue where the latest changes weren’t saved if you closed the animation right after an undo or redo.
- Added a highlight state to buttons, to make it more obvious when you’ve tapped them.

This Newsletter

I plan on sending out an e-mail like this for every major beta release, no more than weekly. The rest will focus more on the changes for each new release than this e-mail did.

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