Press Kit

All you need to know about Kineo.

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You’re busy, under a deadline, or just want to grab this info to browse through later? I totally get it, and I’ve got you covered: Download the full press kit and e-mail me any questions.

A Brief Introduction.

With Kineo, you can create stunning hand-drawn animations on your iPhone or iPad. Kineo’s flipbook-style drawing tools make it easy for you to create and share your animations with the world.

Kineo shows you faint reminders of the last few pages, making it easy to draw the next. When you’re done, you can share your creation on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more; you can even use your very own animations as stickers in the Messages app!

Just the Facts.

Cocoatype. Which is just me, Geoff Pado.

Free to download, and an in-app purchase of $4.99 unlocks some additional features such as photo backgrounds, watermark removal, etc. The in-app purchase is currently unavailable on visionOS.

Release Date
April 1, 2020. Or August 4, 2008. It’s complicated.

Key Features


Behind the Curtain.

Kineo is built by me, independent iOS app developer Geoff Pado. I’ve been building apps for iOS since the first day of the App Store. Other apps currently published by me are Scrawl and Black Highlighter.

We Go Way Back.

Kineo is older than it looks. The first version of Kineo was released on August 4th, 2008 — less than a month after the App Store first opened! It was originally discontinued in 2010, but after the release of iOS 13 and its PencilKit framework, I’ve decided to bring it back. The new version of Kineo supports all the modern niceties expected of an iOS app today: iPad support, iCloud sync, sharing to all your favorite social networks, and more.

I’ve also uploaded the original Kineo website if you want a taste of what app development looked like more than a decade ago.

Seeing is Believing.

Here’s all the pretty visual things like screenshots, app icons, and sample animations. Actual image preview coming soon. Just want to grab everything? Download the full press kit.

Sample Animations

iPad Screenshots

iPhone Screenshots

Vision Pro Screenshots


Ask Me Anything.

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